Lennox® SunSource® Home Energy System

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Adding a renewable energy system to your home is now smoother than ever with the Lennox® SunSource® Home Energy System in Long Beach, CA.

With the expert support of YES R&M Inc., you’ll quickly be saving up to half on your electricity costs. Reach us at 562-286-6624 to begin today.

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How Does SunSource® Work?

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SunSource® system runs with complementary Lennox® equipment to heat and cool your residence. Here’s how the process works:

  • SunSource elements capture free sunlight and transform it to power.
  • Your Lennox solar-ready air conditioner or heat pump harnesses that power to bring comfort to your residence.
  • Any extra energy can be employed to turn on electronics or small appliances in your house.
  • If there’s any energy unused, you may be able to turn it over to your area utility company.

4 Benefits of Using Solar Energy

Employing solar energy to operate your house’s HVAC equipment provides lots of advantages, including:

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1. Lower electricity expenses

A solar unit can lessen your electricity costs by almost half, because you’re using free sunlight instead of electricity.

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2. Simple placement

No big modifications are needed to install the SunSource® unit in your house, and it’s simple to expand it whenever by installing other modules. It might even increase your home’s value, according to studies by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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3. Tax credits and other advantages

Having a renewable energy product can qualify you for tax credits and other deductions.

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4. Better environment

A solar product lessens your interdependence on electricity and helps decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Start Saving on Energy with SunSource®

A SunSource® system is an simple way to begin lowering your electricity costs. And those savings today and later on might even help the product pay for itself. To understand more about how solar energy can better your house, reach us at 562-286-6624 or get in touch with us online today.

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